Iba Hachiro, known as Hachiro Iba in the localization, is a main protagonist in Hakuōki: Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms, as well as one of Chizuru's potential love interests.

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Iba is kind, gentle, polite, and prefers to resolve conflicts peacefully rather than resort to violence. He places others' needs above his own and, despite having been raised in an affluent family, is generous and humble. However, he has a habit of acting in others' best interests without their permission and/or approval, and can at times be so preoccupied with what he believes is best for his loved ones that he loses track of what they actually want. Although not shy, Iba can be reserved, as his attitude tends toward the formal despite his warmth.

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Iba Hachiro is based on the historical figure of the same name, Iba Hachirou. He is the eldest son of Iba Gunbei, the master of one of the most respected dojos in Japan.

In his childhood, Iba befriended Chizuru, although she never visited his household. Upon witnessing her supernatural healing rate, he advised her to keep it hidden to avoid being bullied. In order to be able to protect her, he began training to be the best swordsman possible. He had contact with people from other dojos, including Shiei Hall. Eventually, despite never having been involved in an actual battle or taken any lives before, he became a master of the Shingyoto style.

At some point following this, Iba began working directly for the shogunate and became an okuzume.

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Iba appears in Chapter 1 to warn Hijikata that the shogunate official he had planned on meeting had canceled, prompting Hijikata to rush off to see the bakushin and attempt to change his mind.

By Chapter 5, he has been appointed as Infantry Head of the Yugeki Unit. However, his left hand has been injured in combat against the Imperial Army. He praises the Shinsengumi as the epitome of true samurai and offers his unconditional support to Hijikata and Chizuru.

In the Final Chapter, Iba is revealed to have taken his own life prior to the battle at Goryokaku using a bottle of morphine given him by Enomoto Takeaki.

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Iba appears in Chapter 4 to warn Souma that if he mistreats Chizuru, there will be hell to pay. Some time later, when it is revealed that Souma and Chizuru have not yet kissed despite being in a relationship, Iba flirts with her shamelessly.

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  • Iba has a weakness for sweets, particularly castella.