Shizu is a character in Hakuōki Reimeiroku and Hakuōki: Edo Blossoms. Her professional name as a maiko in Kyoto is Kosuzu.

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Shizu is a fictional character.

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By this time, Shizu has settled down with Ryunosuke.

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Heisuke and Chizuru notice Ryunosuke and Shizu walking down the street. Seeing the two of them together, Heisuke laments that he cannot lead a normal life, and Chizuru reassures him to the contrary.

Harada's route Edit

Harada's is the only route in which Kosuzu's real name is revealed to be Shizu.

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Shizu does not make an appearance, but in the epilogue, "Ryunosuke's child" is said to have an appointment at the Yukimura clinic. Since Shizu is Ryunosuke's wife, it can be inferred that she is his child's mother.

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Shizu does not make an appearance, but upon leaving Ryunosuke's house, Harada requests that he give her his regards.

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